“Robbie is a paradigm of doer and achiever on the frontier of experimentation”.   
Jon Rose – Violinist, Composer, Instrument builder, Writer, Don Banks Award

“Robbie is one of the greatest and most creative percussionists working in Australia today”
John Zorn – Legendary composer,saxophonist, band Leader(Naked City), Executive producer of Tzadik Recordings

“Robbie is a world class artist”.
Mike Patton – American musician, singer, songwriter, actor, record producer, multi-instrumentalist and film composer,
best known as the lead singer of the Mr Bungle, Faith No More, Fantomas.

“His singular vision on this brought engineers, programmers and musicians together to create an amazing tool for performance, composition and installation. the way that this incredible drummer, percussionist and improvising musician has gradually moved toward a system for emulating his own eclectic musicality electronically”.
Robin Fox – Electronic sound artist, Laser artist

“Robbie is one of the most important percussion players in the world today.His concepts
have worked to change the way we see percussion in the 21st century”.
Ilan Volkov –  The youngest ever conductor of the BBC orchestra, Director Tectonics festival, Violinist.

“There are only a few really important composers who use percussion. Burhkard Beins and Paul Lovens from Germany,
Ingar Zach from Norway, Roger Turner from the UK, and Robbie Avenaim”.
Jim Denely – Saxophonist, improviser, executive producer SplitRec label.

“Robbie is most assuredly a dynamic and unique artist making important work at the nexus of experimental music and new media”.
Eugene Ughetti  – Percussionist,composer, Director Speak Percussion

“In the years I’ve known Robbie he has shown himself to be a diligent and consistent searcher and researcher for ways to extend his musical boundaries. Not content to rest on his prodigious drumming skills laurels, he is constantly working away on robotic systems, installations, and ways to assist the general Australian musical environment”.
Ernie Althoff – Ernie Althoff legendary Melbourne-based sound artist and instrument maker from Australia since the late 1970s.

“For decades he has been at the forefront of bringing the most exciting and innovative actions and sounds to audiences”
Marco Fusinato – Visual and sound artist